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Worldwide Events

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  1. World Lowest Temperature for November 26
    The world's lowest temperature for November 26 was -55 degrees and occurred at Tutonchany, Russia
  2. World Highest Temperature for November 26
    The world's highest temperature for November 26 was 107 degrees and occurred at Broome South East, Australia
  3. Tropical Depression Twentyone
    Tropical Depression Twentyone is a tropical cyclone with a maximum wind speed of 35 mph. It is currently moving to the west-northwest at 17 mph.
  4. 7.0 earthquake Kota Ternate
    There was a 7.0 earthquake that occurred near Kota Ternate on November 26, 2014 at 09:33 am Eastern Time. This is considered a major earthquake that can cause serious damage to a large area. This temblor occurred at a depth of 64.6 km, which is a shallow-focus earthquake (0-70 km deep).
  5. Stanley, ID set a record high temperature of 48 for Nov 26
  6. Slidell, LA set a record low temperature of 30 for Nov 26